Best Practices for Avoiding Tokenism in Your Branding & Marketing

Hey team! Let’s get real for a minute about building your brand to reflect the clients and customers you want to work for and with.

If you received our Free Diversity & Equity Business Audit you saw several mentions of avoiding tokenizing. We’ve all seen it: The seemingly well-intended but woefully ill informed and, at times, down right discriminatory ‘token’ imagery and accompanying text. The image says, “See! I’m diverse!” but the caption and/or general vibe of the business reads otherwise. Y’all, my background is in Weddings and Events and let me tell you -- it pervades the industry.

Luckily, these days, there are TONS of resources, personal experience blog posts and educational opportunities to help guide you through the process of avoiding tokenism in your brand imagery. All coming directly from thought leaders within the varied communities you’re wanting to reach.

A fantastic post from our friends over at Catalyst Wed Co. perfectly highlights best practices for approaching communities other than your own without othering, tokenizing or otherwise putting someone on display solely for your proprietary gain.

“When I do [model] calls I always end it with something like “priority given to IBPOC (Indigenous, Black, People of Colour) and LGBTQ/genderqueer/non-binary folx” and field inquiries accordingly.”
— Yuli Scheidt, co-founder of Kindred Studio

Keep reading here and take notes. Many thanks to Catalyst Wed Co. for being such a rad resource for businesses within the wedding and event industry.

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