As a badass member of this community, you have full access to weekly Rad Co-Work Days! Take this opportunity to work alongside folks who are digging in and doing the same hard work you are -- launching, owning, operating and growing small businesses -- all over the world!

Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we can connect with people from all corners of the planet (dare I say, UNIVERSE?!) and Zoom Meetings makes it that much easier.

Every Wednesday from 9am-5pm EST, join your Rad Cohort for virtual co-working. All you need to do is download Zoom Meetings (it's free and will guide you through the download when you click the meeting link for the first time!) and use the following meeting room link to join the co-work sesh. The password to access the room is 'radcowork'. We ask that you please not share this access code with folks outside the Rad community so that our meeting room doesn't fill up with non-members.


Use this time to work on the Rad Business Co. Curriculum, manage your social media accounts, collaborate with other members in the meeting room, send those emails you've been neglecting -- whatever you need to accomplish, and are feeling like you need some other humans present to make it happen, now's the time! We've found that Wednesdays are the toughest days to get through without a little extra boost. But we'll be there, every week, doing our thing and cheering everyone on so we can finish out the week STRONG!

See you Wednesday!