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Do you want a foolproof plan of action to help you truly serve your customers and clients -- no matter who they are?


I get it.

There’s so much going on in the world and you’re just trying to manage a thriving business -- or at least get it to thrive in the first place. Perhaps you’ve been wondering, amidst all the noise, what really matters when it comes to diversity and inclusion? Or maybe you’ve asked yourself, “I really want to speak to a more diverse market but where do I start?” Or you’re like me, and the daily drudge of world news has you asking what you can do to help make the world a more inviting and inspiring place.

Regardless of your desires when it comes to building a socially conscious, diverse and inclusive business I want you to know -- you’re not alone and it can be done.

Rad Business Co. is here to help you grow a business you can be proud of.

Our diversity and business curriculums will guide you through the process of building and enhancing your business practices and marketing strategies to not only reach a more diverse audience but know exactly how to serve everyone that comes your way with equity, intention and compassion. Your business will thrive because you’ll finally be able to rest in the knowledge that you are fully serving your customers and clients.

Our three part system will be your road map to owning and operating a thriving business.


Part 1: Rad Diversity Curriculum

Our robust Pro Collaborator courses cover everything from how to best serve the LGBTQ+ community to ADA compliance to meeting and addressing your own implicit biases -- and truly everything in between. Courses include:

  • Gender, Sexuality & The LGBTQ+ Community

  • Ability

  • Class

  • Religion

  • Age

  • Race & Ethnicity

  • Feminism & The Patriarchy

  • Families

  • Immigrants & Refugees

  • Mental Illness

  • Intersectionality

Part 2: Rad Business Curriculum

Regardless of the structure of your business, being a boss comes with a lot of hat-wearing. Rest assured, we’ve covered those bases too with Pro Collaborator courses on:

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Taxes & Accounting

  • Budget & Finance

  • Print Media & Copy

  • Brand Photography & Videography

  • Goal Setting

  • Self Care and

  • Time Management

Part 3: The Rad Community

The best part about Rad Business Co. is that throughout all your learning, growth and discovery -- you’ll never be alone. Our private Facebook community will be with you as you make your way through each course. And our Pro Collaborators will be on deck to answer your questions and cheer you on during our monthly private Facebook Live Q&A events.

That’s the real beauty of this online community -- it provides the brave space you’ve been looking for. Mistakes won’t be bashed publicly, rather they’ll be met with grace, listening ears and ways to improve when you try again. Our group moderators will let you know in kind ways, when boundaries have been crossed or growth opportunities are present. But most importantly, we’ll all be there cheering you on as you progress through the Rad Business Co. curriculum and witness some serious wins in your business along the way.

Oh, and did we mention these other incredible membership bonuses?!

  • A Resource Library packed with additional content, downloadable check-lists, sample website copy + contract language + special Pro Collaborator content to pair up with each course

  • Discounts and promo codes for Rad approved business tools + priority access to future live Rad Business Co. events

  • Weekly private co-work days to keep the conversation going and feel the support of all your fellow Rad Business Co. members

If you’ve been waiting for your moment, this is it.

The doors to the Rad Business Co. community won’t be open for long.
So come join us today and let’s make some magic together, shall we?


"Alex, how are you even qualified to do this work?"

That’s a great question! My outward appearance would suggest I know absolutely nothing about diversity and inclusion and absolutely everything about Target Runs and suburban America. The reality is, I’m a queer-identified business owner in the Southern United States and I’m not perfect. I experience regular growing pains as I maneuver my own implicit biases and privilege and their effects on running a business. And over the last decade, I’ve devoured countless books, articles, tuned into numerous podcasts and done my share and more of never ending soul-searching to figure out my role in all of this.

What I came to discover was that the platform for small business owners to dig through this work and come out on the other side better for it simply did not exist.

My role in Rad Business Co. isn’t to teach you. My role is to open the door to the classroom and encourage you to step forward.

Come learn from my own mistakes, share your wins and bruises with all of us, and let’s do this work together!

This community is for you -- if you want it.

If you’ve dreamt of owning a business that serves all humans with equity and respect...

If you’d like to learn intentional business and marketing strategies for a thriving, inclusive, diverse and equitable business...

If you desire a business community of like-minded entrepreneurs that support and uplift each other through learning and growth...

If you are ready to put in the work to look inward + grow as a professional human...

...then Rad Business Co. is for you.

Here’s what folks are saying about us:

Just got the rad Diversity and Equity Business Audit tool from Rad Business Co. It helps guide you through an honest reflection of your business practices from social media representation to inclusive language to how you offer your materials or storefront spaces for consumers. So good! I highly recommend it. Thanks for the awesome resource!
— Emily Sterling, Rooted & Wild Spirited Ceremonies
Alex and the businesses she’s built epitomize inclusion and acceptance. She sees people - truly sees them - and makes sure they know they’re not alone. Especially when they’re working on improving themselves, their lives, and their businesses. Rad Business Co. is filled with materials, curriculum and resources that make the work of building a more inclusive business more thoughtful and more simple than I ever imagined. Thank you for this valuable resource! We all need it!
— Tyler McCall, Social Media Guru and Creator of The Follower to Fan Society
When I found out that Alex was creating Rad Business Co. I was so excited. Alex is truly brilliant at finding the brightest voices, amplifying what they have to say, and holding a safe space for people to be their most honest selves. I couldn’t imagine a better fit for the role of inclusivity facilitator. She has taught me an immense amount about how to show up inclusively in my business and continuously pushes me to challenge my own beliefs consistently and gently. I know that Rad Business Co. will change your business and probably your life and I couldn’t have signed up more quickly!
— Sarajane Case, Business Coach and Creator of Journey Books
Alex is a compassionate, empowering, and kind leader, and someone that can help any business improve and increase their understanding of the wide variety of clients and customer that they serve. She is willing to guide those tough conversations that lead to growth outside of your comfort zone. Investing in this service will definitely have a high return on investment with your staff, customers and industry!
— Alrinthea Carter, Photographer
I’ve worked with Alex professionally and personally over the last 4 years. Her active involvement with local businesses and minority groups is inspiring - she’s a leader and a great example of how to help others and be inclusive with ALL groups of humans. Combine that with her own self awareness and inclusive thinking and she is the perfect blend of amazing business woman and ALL humans cheerleader.
— Margaret Goodson-Graham, Jewelry Artist
Planned Parenthood has partnered with Alex on several projects to help spread our core values of our mission: your gender identity, your race, your income, nor your zip-code should determine your health care, and at Planned Parenthood, it doesn’t. Her commitment to inclusion, access, and an awareness of barriers to full inclusion - and tools to address that lack of inclusion - speak to the heart of who she is.
— Nikki Harris, Director of Philanthropy, Planned Parenthood South Atlantic

The time is right...

The world has never needed your authentic, compassionate, loving presence as a business owner more than it does today. You’re ready to make that change and you know you’re going to be supported at every turn by the Rad Business Co. community and your fellow members turned friends. Let’s do this work together and see what difference we can make as we grow our businesses from a place of intention and inclusion. Are you in?


I'm in! Now what?

Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive your member area login and password. From there, Rad Business Co. is all yours!

You’ll instantly have full access to current and future Diversity and Business Curriculum Courses with new content being released every month! Our go-at-your-own-pace courses make it easy for you to learn on your own time and really make the most of the videos, quizzes and downloadable content when the time is right for you.

From there, you can explore our Resource Library full of bonus content, downloads, guides, sample website copy, how-to’s and more! Not to mention our ‘Extra Credit’ blog where we feature other amazing Rad Approved businesses that are doing amazing work around the world!

And of course, you’ll always have access to the members only private Facebook group and weekly private co-work sessions for support along your Rad Business Co. journey. This is where the real magic happens as you connect with your fellow members and celebrate all your accomplishments -- big and small -- along the way.


Q: Do you literally mean you want to teach us how to work with all clients?
A: Yeah, we do. We provide a brave, educational environment for creative entrepreneurs to learn best practices for serving all clients with equity, empathy and kindness regardless of race, color, national origin, class, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, religion, age, ability, political ideology, genetic information, or any other factor. All while connecting and collaborating with other business owners to foster that growth beyond the Rad Business Co. classroom.

Q: You talk about ‘brave spaces’ a lot. What does that mean?
A: You've more than likely heard of a 'safe space' for learning wherein it's okay if you 'mess up' or say something out of line because it's understood that we're all learning and growing. A brave space takes that one step further and encourages more growth beyond those moments. Yes, it's messy. Yes, it's difficult. But yes, we will bring things to your attention and challenge you to step outside your comfort zone. You're absolutely safe and supported in this growth but you will be expected to take brave steps forward in order to grow both as a business owner and as a human in the world.

Q: I'm already woke. Do I even need this content?
A: It's our belief that we all fall somewhere on the spectrum of diversity awareness and education. We're 100% certain that even the most diverse-minded, politically savvy, educated, woke individuals among us will find valuable content within the Rad Business Co. curriculum.

Q: I'm already a successful business owner earning mad amounts of cash. This content is just for newbies, right?
A: No way! Our Diversity and Business curriculums are for every level of business ownership. Regardless of where you are in your business ownership journey, if you want to grow as an entrepreneur, you're in the right place.

Q: I'm very religious/conservative. Is Rad Business Co. content going to be of interest to me?
A: We encourage all of our members to keep an open mind throughout their course work. Simply put, Rad Business Co. is a brave space for entrepreneurs to learn best practices for working with all humans. We will absolutely be discussing difficult content that may be new to you but that will, in the long run, expand your reach and help you grow your business.

Q: Do you offer refunds if I hate it?
A: We're pretty sure you won't hate it but if you're not totally pleased and want to leave the community, you are able to cancel your membership at any time. However, due to the digital and downloadable nature of our products and services, we do not offer any refunds or returns for any products or services sold on our website for any reason.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to take that next step, not just for your business, but for the world around you! Let’s grow together, shall we?




  • Full Access to Current and Future Diversity & Business Curriculum Courses Added Every Month
  • Monthly Pro Collaborator Sessions
  • Weekly Virtual Co-Work Dates
  • Resource Library Full of Downloadable Content & Guides
  • Monthly Guided Social Media Challenges
  • Special Bonus Content & Surprises
  • Priority Access to Future Rad Events
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  • Full Access to Current and Future Diversity & Business Curriculum Courses Added Each Month
  • Monthly Pro Collaborator Sessions
  • Weekly Virtual Co-Work Dates
  • Resource Library Full of Downloadable Content & Guides
  • Monthly Guided Social Media Challenges
  • Special Bonus Content & Surprises
  • Priority Access to Future Rad Events
  • *RAD BONUS* Get Over 2 Months FREE




  • Full Access to Current and Future Diversity & Business Curriculum Courses Added Each Month
  • Monthly Pro Collaborator Sessions
  • Weekly Virtual Co-Work Dates
  • Resource Library Full of Downloadable Content & Guides
  • Monthly Guided Social Media Challenges
  • Special Bonus Content & Surprises
  • *RAD BONUS* FREE Access to Future Rad Events
  • *RAD BONUS* FREE Rad Swag Sent to Your Doorstep