Race, Ethnicity and Unconscious Bias

In this course we'll be covering race, ethnicity and implicit/unconscious bias. I'm honored to be discussing these topics with Jessica Sharp, a leader in all things diversity, equity, bias and the brain! She has hosted workshops, seminars and trainings across the Southeast and has worked with Greenville Health System, YMCA, NAMI, and Bossed Up among many other organizations and businesses. She has been named a Best and Brightest Under 35 in Greenville, South Carolina and a Rising Star by the Association of Junior Leagues International as well as being a past TEDxGreenville speaker. You can find her online at @SharpBrainConstulting or @SharpJes on Instagram and at sharpbrainconsulting.com.

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Video One: Why Do Our Brains Form Biases?

Video 1

Video Two: How Does Racial Bias Affect What We Do?

Video 2

Video Three: What Do We Do Now?

Video 3

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