Rad Business Co. Diversity & Equity Business Audit

Were it all began. This Business Audit is a great place to start your diversity, inclusion and equity journey.



LGBTQ+ Vocabulary

A (nearly) exhaustive -- only because it changes regularly -- list of LGBTQ+ related terminology and definitions, all in one place. Yay!

The Gender Unicorn

An easy-to-navigate infographic discussing gender, gender expression and sexuality created by our friends at Trans Student Education Resources! (The second download is an unfilled version just in case you want to print it out and get your color on!)

Pronouns Guide

A helpful chart of pronouns and best practices for their usage by our friends at Trans Student Education Resources!

Gender Neutral Contract Guide

Sample gender neutral contract language + easy-to-implement contract wording changes for any business.



Sharp Brain Consulting Video Series Slides & Notes

Jessica Sharp included all the notes, references, links, etc. to her video series from the Race, Ethnicity & Unconscious Bias Course here!

New York Times Race/Related Weekly Newsletter

The New York Times has made it easy to receive weekly articles under the Race/Related category via their email newsletter. Sign up via the link below. Totally free. Totally rad. Share your favorite articles along the way in the Rad Facebook group too! We'd love to hear what inspires, intrigues and enlightens you.



Instagram Stories That Convert

Social media expert Tyler J. McCall shares his top tips and strategies for getting the most out of your Instagram Stories content.

The Instagram Road Map

Social media guru Tyler J. McCall is back at it with all things Instagram. This guide helps you set your Instagram strategy up to succeed.